2016 was a great year for ThrowRevolution.
With Marcus winning his 4th Tittle at Singapore nationals and getting 2nd at the Asia Pacific YoYo Championships, To Vietnam Champion Huu Loc Huynh Winning Vietnationals with the Vertex. ThrowRevolution’s Yo-Yos had an influence in many of the winning freestyles for 2016.

Our Team has gotten bigger with the recent addition of Miggy Hizon. Showing LOTS of potential in his 5a.

2016 has been an eventful year for ThrowRevolution. A lot has happened and many tittles were won. The YoYo Competition is an ever changing landscape with many new tricks and styles created every year. That said, Now that is 2017, what will ThrowRevolution bring You next?
Here’s a sneak preview, With our ‘NEW WEBSITE’ already in place:

It will Be Revolutionary.