“The one who dares to dream big, is the King.”
When the Kaiser was made, It was designed to bring out a Bi-metal performance in a mono-metal yo-yo. This Yo-Yo was made for the aspiring competitor, not just any competitor. But for the one who dares to be a champion.

We wanted a Yo-Yo that is able to comfortably return to your hands. This is an important aspect which is often overlooked, as it ensures that your next throw will always a good one. Specially for freestyles when you have to bind from a strong spin due to a music cue.
The Kaiser was designed with step curved Rims to rest perfectly on your hands.

A unique identity.
The Kaiser needed to be a yo-yo that stands out. We experimented by introducing a new twist to the way its being anodized by giving it a raw finished cut around the hub of the Kaiser.

The end result was Stunning. It was a design that stood out immediately, which made the Kaiser uniquely identifiable.

With the Kaiser’s release approaching, we’re staying true to our company’s mission. (If you have not seen our new mission, you’re missing out. http://www.throwrevolution.com/about/)
To unleash the greatness in you, and provide the highest standards of excellence at ThrowRevolution.
And you’ll be the first one to receive the “Revolutionary experience” when you purchase a Kaiser today.

Full Specs
Finish: Smooth Beadblast
Weight: 65.9g
Diameter: 56.11 mm
Width: 44.59 mm
Bearing: 10 Ball Concave
Price: 89 USD
Release date: 14th March  8:00pm (SGT) at the ThrowRevolution Store!

What is the Revolutionary Experience?

Every yo-yo that is purchased entitles you to an exclusive ticket that grants you special access, to have a 1-on-1 coaching session with the 2011 World Champion Marcus Koh. Find out more about this in our previous post here. (http://www.throwrevolution.com/2017/02/26/not-just-new-yoyos/)

* Ticket is only applicable for Yo-Yos released in 2017