Personalized Coaching Sessions



Kendrick Hu
Singapore Nationals 2nd runner up

“My winning freestyle wasn’t planned by myself but with proper guidance. I feel fortunate that a former world champion, Marcus Koh, have helped to guide and polish my freestyle in order bring the best in me. He helped me overcome “stage fright” or nervousness on stage. He also taught me how to engage the audience through my body language and stage use. Music choice and synchronization always impacts a good freestyle. Marcus is approachable when you need a good advice and always willing to help whenever you’re having trouble with your freestyle. He has a long list of tricks to teach from basic control of the yoyo to the latest tricks with a modern style. I would highly encourage to attend all of his lessons as there will be many things to learn from him and it will definitely be fun with everyone learning together!”

Lim Aik Hwee
4x Asia Champion

“Through my weekly practice sessions with Marcus, I was able to glean a better understanding of my own playing style and mannerisms through his point of view – one that is certainly top-notch given the many years of experience under his belt as well as his numerous titles. His words of wisdom have guided me from the initial practice sessions all the way till the big day itself, and their effectiveness has certainly been manifested in my winning of my 4th Asian title in 2016.”

Polo Garbkamol
Asia Champion

“My most memorable moment was when Marcus Koh taught me his tricks. He taught me to the best of his knowledge and pushed me to further heights. At that time I was really fat and had difficulty doing body tricks and he also motivated me to slim down, Using what I learned from Marcus. I’ve become stronger than ever with a mindset to revolutionize the Thailand community and be a competitive player.”


What: Individualised Coaching
Where: Skype

Duration: Courses vary in length. From 20 minutes for a Basic course to an hour for an Advanced course.

* Courses differ for every student.  All our teachings are catered specifically towards the individual 
* Courses are STRICTLY competition-oriented
* Courses are non-refundable
* This is not a trick learning course. We are not here to teach you on how to do “cool” tricks, we are here to show you how to WIN.

Basic – $25
Intermediate – $70
Advanced – $120

Teach Me More – $45


Course Options

Basic Freestyle Coaching

Just couldn’t get past the preliminary round?
This will never happen again as our Basic course teaches you how to ACE your prelims.

Intermediate Freestyle Coaching

1 step closer to finals? Don’t let your training go to waste!
Get past the Nerve-Wrecking Semi-finals round with our intermediate course.

Advanced Freestyle Coaching

This is the moment.
You have one chance to make it right, Stand out from the rest & secure your victory at finals with our Advanced course.
It’s time for you to be the next CHAMPION.

Teach Me More

Looking to further improve your skills?
Understand yourself better as we advice on your habits and mental preparation towards competition.