Every Yo-Yo player is special, we all have our own unique style of tricks. Some of you are really good at tech, while some of you excel at bangers. Discover your potential at ThrowRevolution whenever you purchase a Yo-Yo from us. Expect the highest standards of excellence.

In 2017, every yo-yo that is purchased entitles you to an exclusive ticket that grants you special access, to have a 1-on-1 coaching session (on Skype) with the 2011 World Champion Marcus Koh.

Its more than just a new Yo-Yo,  Get ready for a whole new experience… and a new Yo-Yo of course.

The secret to winning : A Coaching session that teaches you how to WIN

Over the Years of Marcus’ yoyoing career, he had personally taught quite a few Yo-Yo players from around the world, some from Thailand, some locally and others from around the world. We’re proud to say that all of them whom he taught has made a name for themselves. That is when Marcus realized he is able to empower and bring the out the best in a Yo-Yo player.

With this, we’re driven to make a meaningful difference in your yo-yo life, and we will go the extra mile by presenting to you this exclusive 1-on-1 coaching session with Marcus Koh.                                                                                      
As for New Yo-Yos, We’ll be leaving it for our next blog post. Stay tuned 😉