Received lots of heartfelt words from all you friends around the world regarding our latest “Kaiser”.
Thank you! We’re glad you love it.
When we started on the ‘Kaiser’ project at ThrowRevolution. The main focus was not on just the yo-yo itself. The focus was also on “You”, the yo-yo player.
We had to make a great Yo-Yo, but that’s of course.
Crafting a Contest ready Yo-Yo is the bare minimum we can offer. After-all, a good yo-yo is the norm that is expected of today’s Yo-Yoing standards. At least that’s how we personally feel at ThrowRevolution.
“We offer more than just a great product, we want to give you the Revolutionary experience”
and by this we meant that we want to grow with you. To all aspiring yo-yo players with big dreams. You’ll get a personalized 1-on-1 contest coaching session with me(2011 World Champion Marcus Koh) when you purchase a Kaiser today.
“You” are our focus.
Before I became World Champion, I wished I had someone to show me the ropes and taught me how to win at contests. Now, I’d like to be that “someone” for you, and shorten that learning curve. So that you’ll be able to experience that indescribable happiness I felt, when i became world champion 6 years ago.

The Kaiser is being shipped to various retailers as we speak and it will be available at the ThrowRevolution Site on the 14th of March!
If you’d like to find out more about our latest Yo-Yo, ‘Kaiser’. Check out our previous blog post here!