The Zephyr was the Go-to Throw for everyone, It got into the hands of many aspiring Yo-Yo players around the world. Over the years,  We noticed a huge increase in the standards of many aspiring competitors who used our throws.

If you are reading this post and happen to own a Yo-Yo from ThrowRevolution. That Includes You,  Yes you!
P.S We have watched your growth on Instagram 😉
It was then that we decided to improve the performance of Zephyr, to make a winning throw.  It was time for ” ZEPHYR II ”

Thus, The ZEPHYR II was made.
It retains the classic low wall for Speed with focused weight on the rims, with a more rounded “V” curved at the edge for more comfort in holding the Yo-Yo
We’ve made the SS rings heavier than the current standard of weight rings that you see in today’s yoyos.
Keeping the overall weight down at 64 grams, while enhancing stability

If you’ve been following us. You will know that we’ve always stayed true to our company’s Vision. That is to make throws that are focused on bringing the best out of “YOU”
After-all, Crafting a Contest ready Yo-Yo is the bare minimum we can offer. At least that’s how we personally feel at ThrowRevolution.
(If you have not seen our new mission, you’re missing out.
To unleash the greatness in you, and provide the highest standards of excellence at ThrowRevolution.
And you’ll be able to receive the “Revolutionary experience” when you purchase a ZEPHYR II today.

Full Specs
Finish: Smooth Beadblast
Weight: 64 g
Diameter: 57 mm
Width: 43.6 mm
Bearing: 10 Ball Concave
Price: 120 USD

Release date :

Singapore: 28th April 2017 at Spinworkx
ThrowRevolution web store: 3rd May 2017
Rest of the world : ASAP! The Zephyr IIs are being sent out to various retailers as we speak.
Shanghai World Tour : 29th April 2017
Vietnam World Tour: 7th May 2017
Philippines World Tour: 20th May 2017

What is the Revolutionary Experience?

Every yo-yo that is purchased entitles you to an exclusive ticket that grants you special access, to have a 1-on-1 coaching session with the 2011 World Champion Marcus Koh. Find out more about this in our previous post here. (

* Ticket is only applicable for Yo-Yos released in 2017